Our Advantage

We are a vertical manufacturing operation. Having the ability to manage our knit and dye operations allows us exceptional speed to market without compromising on quality. We manage our production lines to reduce the time it takes to get garments to the end retail consumer. Our product development staff is innovative and known for creative solutions to satisfy the everchanging retail public. 

The Facilities

Our fully compliant factories in the USA and Guatemala are clean and well organized. The safety and happiness of our employees is an important tenant of our company. We take pride in teaching our staff on a daily basis about the many aspects of making quality knit garments. Our employees are driven to be more efficient and to improve their efforts to deliver outstanding knit apparel. The production management team is very experienced which plays a major role in making sure we deliver outstanding quality on time. 

The Product

It all starts with the fabric. Our fabrics are known for their soft hand and superior quality. The make of our garment is above average. Our employees strive to execute an outstanding attention to detail along each step of the production process. We are capable of making a full range of knit products for men and women. We have experience with special washes and fabric treatments, including state of the art fabric printing. We have over 25 years of skill managing screen print and embellished garments. 

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